Welcome aboard! 👋 Welcome to the Help Section of Core Upsell.

We are excited that you chose to work with us.

⏱ Quick Start Guide

In this short Quick Start Guide, we will show you how you can install Core Upsell and setup your Upsell Offer. No Coding required.

  1. Installation The first step in getting started is to install the actual app. You have to give us permission to read information about your store, so that we can provide you with the actual upsell script.

You will see a short welcome message and can select the interval you want to choose for your subscription. Don't worry, you will have a 14 day free trial and only will be charged if you decide to keep the app after your trial. Keep in mind that we offer a 35% discount on yearly plans.

Now we can start setting up your upsell offer.

  1. Setup your upsell offer Let's start setting up your upsell offer 🎉

First, click on Customize in the top bar. Now your settings will be loaded and you can start customize your offer.

You will see a live preview of your offer in the right section. Whenever you edit a field, the live preview will be updated.

Shopify Recommendations will select a product to show in your upsell box. This recommendation is based on your order history, collections and the items the current customer purchased.

  1. Activate your offer Finished editing? Now let's activate your offer so you can start increasing your sales.

Simply click on Save and activate at the bottom of the Customize page.

You can also save your offer and return later to activate it. You can always activate or deactivate your offer in your dashboard.

  1. Start making sales 🎉 Congratulations, your offer is now live! You can now start making more sales and increase your customer value without doing anything else.

⁉️ FAQ

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